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Query to get all Members of a certain Group in a Datastore

  SELECT [Person].UniqueID FROM [PersonGroupPerson], [Person] WHERE [PersonGroupPerson].[PersonId] = [Person].[Id] AND [PersonGroupPerson].[PersonGroupId] = 3

Guery to get all members from a group (GROUPNAMEHERE) by Fullname & Email

  SELECT "Email", "FirstName" + ' ' + "LastName" AS FullName FROM "PersonGroupPerson", "Person" WHERE "PersonGroupId" IN   (SELECT "Id" FROM "PersonGroup" WHERE "Name" = 'GROUPNAMEHERE')  AND "PersonId" = "Person"."Id"

Query to get all Members from multiple Groups in a Datastore (this is done by name of the group, not the IDs)

  SELECT "Email" FROM "PersonGroupPerson", "Person" WHERE "PersonGroupId" IN 
  (SELECT "Id" FROM "PersonGroup" WHERE "Name" = 'Corp group for Security Exception' OR "Name" = 'Tire group for Security Exception' OR "Name" = 'Tech group for Security Exception' OR "Name" = 'Infosec Group for Security Exception')
  AND "PersonId" = "Person"."Id"

Query to get all Members by first name & last name from ALLGroups in a Datastore

   SELECT Name as GroupName, (SELECT Stuff(
 (SELECT N', ' + FirstName + ' ' + LastName

FROM PersonGroupPerson, Person WHERE Person.Id = PersonGroupPerson.PersonId AND PersonGroupId = PG.Id

 .value('text()[1]','nvarchar(max)'),1,2,N)) AS Members
 FROM [dbo].[PersonGroup] PG WHERE [Active] = 1

NOTE! when there are too many members, you will need to use field 26, as it can hold more data (see below).

Working around the limit of 1000 characters in datastore columns

By default the columns in datastore have a limit of 1000 characters. In case you need to store more data, try to use the field mapping of the fields 26, 27, 28, 29 or 30. In the SSP database these fields are defined as CLOB (unlimited content). When defining your parameter fields, you can select in which table column the data should be stored. For large text fields, select any of the mentioned fields.

Field sizes:

Field1-25: 1000 Char
Field26: Unlimited
Field27: Unlimited
Field28: Unlimited
Field29: Unlimited
Field30: Unlimited
Field31-50: 1000 Char

merge data from fields into another datastore

Sometimes you get the data in from an automated source, and you can't change the structure. But if you want to merge 2 fiels into 1, you'll need a new datastore, and make something like this:

  SELECT field1 + ' / ' + field2 as [Search criteria], field3, field4, field5   FROM parameterdata WHERE parameter_id=375


  SELECT field1 + ' ( ' + field2 + ' [ ' + field3 + '])' as [all data], field4, field5 as [FilterField]  FROM parameterdata WHERE parameter_id=375

Another example, to create a link to a ticket (via the search page). The ticketNr is in Field1

   Select '<a href="' + Field1 + '" target="_blank">' + Field1 + '</a>' as