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If you want to know is a fieldB is different from Field A : - make a read-only display field - mark for calculations - put this in a default value

 IIF('#REPLACE-FORMFIELD-HRcheckforerror||veldA||#' = '#REPLACE-FORMFIELD-HRcheckforerror||veldB||#',,'difference detected')

Explanation : We check if 'VeldA' equals 'veldB'. If TRUE : we do nothing : if False : we show 'difference detected'

text always needs to be between quotes.

You can also merge IIF statements, like in this example:

  IIF('#REPLACE-FORMFIELD-HRcheckforerror||veldA||#' = '#REPLACE-FORMFIELD-HRcheckforerror||veldB||#',,IIF('#REPLACE-FORMFIELD-HRcheckforerror||veldB||#' = ,'E','X'))

so IF 'veldA' is different from 'veldB', we do a second check: IF 'VeldB' = (empty), then we put an 'E', if not, we put an 'X'.

To check if field 'veldB' is empty, you can do this:

  IIF('#REPLACE-FORMFIELD-HRcheckforerror||veldB||#' = ,'B is empty','B is not empty')

Link with sample form : [1]